As most of you already know.
Our city is currently in lock-down.

Although what we do IS very therapeutic…..
For some unknown reason,
the government does not recognize us as an essential service.
Go figure….

At the same time,
We still need to pay the rent.
We need to keep our people working.
You still need your supplies.

We have taken a few days to figure out our plan.
This is what we are up to….

Starting Mon Nov 16

We will be OPEN Mon to Fri 12-4
For curbside pickup.

Option 1

You can order online 24/7 at
And choose either delivery or curbside pick up.

If you choose to pick up,
We will send you a notice when your order is ready.
Just call us at 204-219-2528  when you arrive,
And we will bring it out to you.
Mon to Fri 12-4

Option 2

We know that sometimes online shopping
Just doesn’t work for you.
Sometimes you need to talk to a HUMAN.
No problemo.
Just give us a call Mon to Fri 12-4 at 204-219-2528.
We will be happy to help you out.
You can choose either delivery or curbside pick up.

Option 3

Sometimes you need a little more than just a phone call.
We know that sometimes
You just need to be there to SEE what you want.
Well…. we can’t let you inside in person…

But we have the next best thing.

Shop by ZOOM.

Everyone and their dog is zooming now a days.
School, work meetings, yoga…..
Why not shop?

If you are already a zoom user,
Then you have everything you need.

If you have never zoomed……
YOU need to have ZOOM set up.
It’s free and works well.
Please make sure you have downloaded and installed it on your device.
You can use zoom on pretty much every device nowadays.

You can find it here
Here is one of many quick videos on setting it up

Test it, make sure it works for you.

Assuming everything is working,
Call us at the store
Mon to Fri 12-4 at 204-219-2528

We can then email a link to you
to join our zoom meeting.

From there we can help you out.

It’s the next best thing to being there.

Please know that this is all pretty fresh to us.
There will be kinks to work out.
Your patience is appreciated.

If we are busy with someone else,
We may not be able to answer the phone right away.
So please leave a message.

Some days, we may be able to zoom right away..
Other days, we may have to schedule a time.

We may have to change how we do things as we figure them out.

Overall though, we think that it’s pretty cool…
That we could have one of our clients from…
Say Nunavut for example…
Be able to browse through our store,
Without leaving their kitchen.

We are looking forward to connecting with you.







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