Book Folding
10:30am to 01:30pm - February 22, 2020
PoCo Inspired, 495 -D Madison St.

Get in on the secret of how easy it is to create complicated-looking designs by folding pages of books. If you can measure with a rule, fold and crease paper, you can book fold! There will be a selection of book fold patterns to choose from, based on the time you want to give to complete a project. Don’t worry about choosing a project that is too large. You will be well equipped with all the knowledge you need to complete it later.

If you have a particular book you would like to use, you are welcome to bring it  but be aware that if will not be used as a book when we’re done. (Unless you want to unfold the pages!). Also, different patterns require certain sizes and number of pages. Ask us about your options.

Instructor: Leanne
Level: Everyone Welcome

Workshop Registration Fee: $25 including supplies.



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