18 hours ago

1 single word.
Thays all it takes.

1 single word can change your life.
This one simple word can be a reminder to make better choices, a reminder to put yourself first, inspirational, guiding, ... See more

1 day ago

Happy Valentine's Day!

We hope you day is full of love and joy.
I mean we hope it is everyday but... Especially today.

We know the day is half done, but we ... See more

1 week ago

Share. Hear. Empower.

Today, CB is at the 5th annual SHE day.

Courage, determination, boldness.
This years theme resonates with us.
Without these three small words Poco Inspired would not be ... See more

1 week ago

Artist Ralph Ziman's astounding artwork-on-wheels will roll for the Arts District on Sunday morning, Feb. 3; find out where to see it.

2 weeks ago

Our friends at Jacobs Trading could use some help!
This past week they had someone walk away with a rather pricey piece of Quartz. If you happen to know who this is, please send Jacobs Trading Post ... See more

Heads up Facebook family!! We need your help again! On Jan 25th this guy stole a very expensive Quartz point from us valued at over $500! Our cameras show him very clearly putting the crystal in ... See more

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