30  day challenge

  1. Kick it off in style! Make an eye-catching pair of #earrings
  2. Embellish your favourite stone or cabochon with that gorgeous #bezel you made yourself   
  3. Construct a piece using the natural beauty of your favourite #semiprecious stone   
  4. design and create an on-trend piece that incorporates #chain
  5. Chase those blues away! Make a piece to wear with your favourite pair of #bluejeans
  6. Make a #sweepingstyle statement and create a lovely long necklace   
  7. Try your hand at right angle weave and compose an intricate woven piece   #RAW
  8. Channel a classic look by making a charm bracelet or #bangle
  9. Embrace the latest #rosegold colour trend and use this striking hue in a piece
  10. Show of some #seriousbling and use sparkling crystal bicones in a design
  11. Rediscover a fabulous finding – design a piece using #beadcaps
  12. Mix things up! Use stamping techniques of mixed media in today’s design #stamped
  13. Today is the day to learn that beading stitch you’ve always been meaning too
  14. Capture colourful beads or chain in a wrapped cord bracelet #wrapped
  15. Have some weekend fun! Invite some beading buddies over and make a night of it #friendsfriday
  16. Mix it up and design with your favourite seed bead mix! (or create a mix of your own) #mixitup
  17. Celebrate St. Patty’s day by designing a piece that will make your friends #greenwithenvy
  18. Link up your jump ring stash and get creative with #chainmaille techniques
  19. It’s time for a #springcleaning ! Give your space a much needed makeover
  20. It’s time to #ringinspring with style. Create a piece to honour the new season
  21. Today is the day to make a thoughtful #gift for someone special in your life
  22. Enjoy this casual Friday by stringing a #wearanywhere piece of jewellery
  23. Find inspiration in unexpected places. Use a found object in a design #finderskeepers
  24. Birthstone jewellery is always popular! Create a #birthstone piece for you or a friend
  25. Whip out that wire and wow us with a piece made with wraps, loops, whatever! #wirewhip
  26. Get out that #loom and weave something wonderful
  27. Take a creative cue from #hollywood and make a piece inspired by a TV show or film
  28. Procrastinate no longer! Fix or finish a piece you’ve been putting off FOREVER
  29. Pair up your creations and make a marvelous jewellery set: earrings and a bracelet, bracelet and necklace, rings galore who cares, pair it up! #perfectpair
  30. Stamp your favourite motivational saying on a piece of metal, or use beads and charms to create a piece that speaks for itself #mantra
  31. Congrats! Give yourself a pat on the back you did it! #freebie

Make sure you tag us (@pocoinspiredbeadstore) in your daily creations with us and enter for a daily gift card using the # of the day along with #beinspiredalways

3 hours ago

whip it... whip it good.. 🎵
good luck getting that outta your head for the next few days
day 25 of the 30 day challenge and with less than a week left we're singin!
today, whip out ... See more

22 hours ago

day 24 of the 30 day challenge,

we're using birthstones today.

create a piece using yours, or make something for a friend!

did you know...??
The original legend of birthstones stems from the ... See more

1 day ago

finders keepers losers weepers🦌

for day 23 of the 30 day challenge we're urging you to find inspiration in an unexpected place.

we've known for years that someone trash is another treasure, and ... See more

2 days ago

it's friday night, time to parrrrtayyyy, or netflix and chill💁
whatever your plans, day 22 is #wearanywhere jewellery!
so make something great for drink with the girls, dinner and date ... See more

3 days ago

some say every day is a gift, others say ⏰, 😂, 💐, 🍫,💍 ...
CL just wants food 🍔🍰
Clearly, CB didn't make this gift for her.
it's day 21 for the 30 day challenge and we're ... See more

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