Why should I use Miyuki Delica Seed Beads ??? I can find similar stuff at better prices ….


That’s usually the FIRST thing I hear from people …… explains Bonnie Penner at PoCo Inspired.


They all look the same to me …….


AAAaaaanndd that’s the second thing I hear …..


I try to give them an explanation … but all to often it just goes in one ear and out the other …

at least at first.

Then about a week or two later, they are back …… Soooooo please explain that again, about “smooth holes” and “consistency” ??

Sometimes….. sobbing a little …..

So let me illustrate for you…

Miyuki-6-plumiris-Tube-large Sure they all look the same .. at first glance.

And sure you can use them ( the cheap kind ).

After all, they are just a little bead with a little hole in the middle.

And sure you can probably do a couple of nice looking projects with them.

That’s all fine and dandy when you are starting out.


Besides, I always find that its better to learn from your mistakes.


And so just imagine this…. after you have taken the time to learn how to do a particular pattern.

Taken the time and energy to acquire all the supplies.

Spent numerous hours of meticulous work….

You finally have a beautiful piece that ALL of your friends are admiring…..




And as you are basking in all the glory, and proclaiming how it was really “nothing”

Its only then, that it happens.

As you reach for one more helping of Ambrosia, while at your sister in laws’ famous July first BBQ.

THEN ……. what Bonnie said .. comes back to you

As you grab the spoon and twist your wrist slightly….

It seems to happen in slow motion like a scene straight out The Matrix….

All at the same time, they all turn their heads .. . their jaws hung open wide . …

A collective GASP !!

As the bracelet bursts into millions of sparkly bits

As though the fireworks were coming straight out of your hand

Filling the Ambrosia with “that little something” ……

and lets be honest here, it seemed to be lacking something anyway

…… time just seems to stand still …….

And then, it was, as if, Yoda were channeling Bonnie

You hear it in your head now…. those words that Bonnie was saying a couple of weeks ago

While you joyfully waved around your bag of bargain beads

Acting like Charlie Brown listening to his his teacher WAWWWAAWWAA WWWAAWWWAAAA


Those words ………… coming into focus now

as the mojito drops from your other hand ( which of course lands in you sister in law’s lap )

as you try to stop the falling pieces from blending into the chip dip.

You can hear Bonnie’s words so clearly….


The cheap ones have holes that can be inconsistent in size, and shape.

Often they are not smooth. They can actually CUT the thread that you are weaving with….

and you don’t want that to happen.

Yup,, THAT’S when they come back and want to talk more about “smoothness” and “consistency”

Those people do some of the most beautiful work now.