Featured Artist – Rune Stone Design

Meet – Linda Goodman

Artist – Rune Stone Design


Can you describe your work in 10 words or less?
LG – Nature Inspired rustic and refined copper and silver designs.

Name one craftsperson who has inspired you recently? And why?
LG – Lexi Erickson.  I’ve taken her classes in Santa Fe at Beadfest and her style appealed to me; she is a trained archaeologist and when she began making jewellery she wanted her pieces to look as if they were primitive artifacts discovered on a dig.
She doesn’t strive for the perfect piece, instead she says she strives to put “soul” into each piece of her work.
She is an incredible teacher also – and invites students to stay in touch, which I have done on a number of occasions.

What is one of your favorite pieces of art/craft in your home?
LG – A metal dragon sculpture created out of scrap metal – a gift from a friend who is no longer with us who. He was a welder by trade but had the soul of an artist.

Have you learned anything new recently with regard to jewellery?
LG – Metal etching. I followed Lexi Ericsson’s etching DVD and was able to teach myself this amazing process. The artistic possibilities are truly endless and as a graphic designer, it is fun to create the “artwork” that can be etched onto copper and brass.
My next goal is to work on etching sterling silver.

What media have you always wanted to try? And why?
LG – I would like to try the fusion of sterling silver wire and solder. The idea is to make your pendant design from sterling silver then fill in the “gaps” with solder. It has an interesting look with a nice rustic feel to it. Again, endless design possibilities always appeal to me.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.
I shared chocolate with Harrison Ford when he was in Gimli filming the movie K-19 Widowmaker! As a crew member, we were not allowed to look at him, talk to him, take photos, etc. Someone handed me a chocolate bar, moved away and there he was! So, I said “Good morning. Would you like some chocolate?” He smiled his famous crooked smile, and said “Sure.” So we walked a ways, talked and shared chocolate in minus 30ºC weather, on a frozen Lake Winnipeg. (And yes, I still have the chocolate bar wrapper : ) )

Check out some of Linda’s work.