Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I buy a gift card for a friend?
A. Certainly, we carry re loadable gift cards that can be purchased in any denomination.

Q. I’m not comfortable using my credit card online. Can I still sign up for class?
A. Yes you can.
You can use the “book now” option, then call the store with your payment information.

Q. Do you have wholesale prices or a volume buying discount?
A  We are primarily a retail store.
We do offer a 30% discount for businesses.
We also offer a 20% discount for designers.
In order to set you up with your business discount,
we would need to see proof of your business documentation
(business licence/tax exempt forms).

You can email a scan of these to info@pocoinspired.com along with your name,
phone number, email address and business address.
In order to set you up with a designer discount, we would need to see your professional     business card.
You can bring this in to the store along with your name, phone number,
email address and where you sell.

Q. Do you have a Loyalty program?
A. Yes, we do. See our Loyalty Program page.

Q. You don’t have _________________. Can you get it for me?
A. Let us know what it is – we can try. Email us at info@pocoinspired.com

Q. Do you have a catalogue?
A. No we do not.
Our stock changes weekly – which would be cost prohibitive for a print catalogue.

Q. I sent you an email and I didn’t hear back. Do you not respond to email?
A. Yes, we do. Unfortunately, we get a lot of “bounced” replies every week where our email     has been blocked by your ISP or your mail program because we are not on your
“permitted”list. If you have not heard from us, this is likely what has happened.
Please call us at 204-219-2528 or add us to your “white list”.

Q. Do you carry plastic beads?
A. We specialize in good quality beads for making jewellery.
While we do have some lucite and resin – we don’t carry plastic beads.
However, if you need plastic beads in bulk, we can try to help out by getting them for
you as a special order.

Q. Do you take credit cards or debit cards.
A. Yes, we do.