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On the road again! This is what’s on my road trip bead mat. #poco #seedbeads #seedbeadclub #inspiration http://ift.tt/1VfGg5b

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Customer project. Beautiful job Sheryl! #beautiful #seedbeads #pocoinspired #inspiration http://ift.tt/1FsEHPi

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Seed bead club project #pocoinspired #beadwork #beadandbutton #whatourcustomersdid #beautiful http://ift.tt/1ivoWg5

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Seed bead club project #seedbeadclub #pocoinspired #seedbeads #whatourcustomersdid #beadwork #beadandbutton #beautiful http://ift.tt/1gLx1fw

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Seed bead club project! #pocoinspired #seedbeadclub #seedbeads #whatourcustomersdid #beadwork #beadandbutton #beautiful http://ift.tt/1KyQ4RY

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What’s on my bead mat today! #pocoinspired #seedbeads #beadwork #handmade #relaxingtime http://ift.tt/1LbiNkJ

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Another finished seed bead club project!! Great job Sheryl! #pocoinspired #seedbeadclub #greatcustomers http://ift.tt/1JXM8hT

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  • bo Black Obsidian

    Obsidian is naturally occurring volcanic glass which has been used as a gemstone since antiquity. Obsidian was named after Obsius, a Roman who discovered a similar stone. Obsidian forms when lava cools and whilst it is mineral-like, it is not considered to be a true mineral because its composition is too complex and it does not have a crystalline structure. In addition to its decorative use, obsidian has a practical use. Due to its lack of cleavage, conchoidal fracture and acute edges when broken, it has been used to make smooth and sharp surgical scalpel blades. Obsidian has been used to make arrow heads and blades, as well as ornaments for thousands of years by people such as the pre-Columbian Mesoamericans and the ancient Egyptians.

    In its pure form, obsidian has a dark body colour due to the presence of iron and magnesium. Obsidian can be classified into types according to a variety of characteristics. However, some basic types of obsidian include the following: Mottled (snowflake and peanut obsidian), banded or veined (Mahogany, midnight lace and pumpkin obsidian), pebbles or small nodules (Apache tears) and sheen (sheen obsidian, cat’s eye, rainbow and fire/flame obsidian).

    Black Obsidian is an extremely powerful and fast acting stone, and should be used with caution for Crystal Healing. It can bring negative emotions and unpleasant truths rushing to the surface, which have to be confronted before peace can return. Many people find Obsidian’s effects overwhelming and prefer to use a gentler stone.

    Black Obsidian is a very protective stone. It is said to form a shield against negativity and to absorb negative energies from the environment. Because of this it should be cleansed regularly in running water.

    Place Black Obsidian on the Base Chakra for grounding.



  • healing_crystal_jewelry_blue_aquamarine_drop_necklace_argentium343_grande Aquamarine

    raw PoCo Inspired


    is one of our most popular and best-known gemstones, and distinguishes itself by many good qualities. It is almost as popular as the classics: ruby, sapphire and emerald. In fact it is related to the emerald, both belonging to the beryl family. The colour of aquamarine, however, is usually more even than that of the emerald. Much more often than its famous green cousin, aquamarine is almost entirely free of inclusions. Aquamarine has good hardness (7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale) and a wonderful shine. That hardness makes it very tough and protects it to a large extent from scratches. Iron is the substance which gives aquamarine its colour, a colour which ranges from an almost indiscernible pale blue to a strong sea-blue. The more intense the colour of an aquamarine, the more value is put on it. Some aquamarines have a light, greenish shimmer; that too is a typical feature. However, it is a pure, clear blue that continues to epitomise the aquamarine, because it brings out so well the immaculate transparency and magnificent shine of this gemstone.


    Aquamarine Stone Meaning
    Posted on by Puwater Balen Leave a comment
    Aquamarine gemstone meaning is being able to assist us practically feel and discover our relationship to the individuals. Aquamarine meaning can be obtained inside of its capability to strengthen interaction between the individual and others. Much just like the way it detoxifies your physique permitting every aspect of it to communicate much better, it can also help to purify and take away obstacles in communicating among you and others.

    Aquamarine Stone
    Meaning: Blue
    Chemistry: Be3AI2SiO18 + iron
    Hardness: 7.5-8
    Chakra: Aligns all, clears throat chakra
    Properties and Benefits: Courage, purification, peace, intuition,
    self-expression, balance, preparedness

    Aquamarine which means “sea water” is a kind of stone that belongs to the beryl (beryl in Greek which means greenish blue) as emerald gemstones. Because aquamarine and emerald stone is very relevant then they are often said to be a brother. The stone colors were not even far away from its name like blue-green, translucent green and blue. But the most desirable aquamarine stone is slightly thick blue.

    Aquamarine stone has a characteristic pale blue or greenish-blue sky like the sea. This is a favorite of world gemstone jewelry designer because it can emit full spectrum light and shiny than other precious stones. Besides that, its flexibility to do any form of cutting techniques that provokes creativity. In the last five years, Aquamarine has begun to compete with white diamonds because often imposed in the design of engagement rings and wedding rings for the modern bride.

    Because the effects of color and lighting, Aquamarine always match the skin tone and eye color that can be worn by any person in various nations and countries. The Aquamarine stone known as favorite of the mermaid that in ancient myths believed as a noble protector for most sailors.

    Believed to be the guardian of a quiet sea, Aquamarine also often referred as wedding tranquilizers precious stones. Which until now increasingly popular worn by all walks. The celebrity Couples like Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas recorded as a collector of this precious stone, no wonder if harmonious marriage and household calm away from gossip.

    Aquamarine stone believed to have effects such as increase of affection in a family and give happiness to the work associated with the sea. In the world of astrology aquamarine meaning is stone for people born in March and associated with the zodiac Pisces.

    Metaphysical Aquamarine stone meaning
    In terms of metaphysical properties, Aquamarine can encourage spiritual growth; boost the capability of reading the future (fortune-telling), increase honesty, dynamism, unyielding nature and success factors, coupled with cheerfulness and regularity. In addition it is believe to purify the mind and offer solutions to problems that have not been completed.

    For those who undergo and have dreams of love, Aquamarine has an aura of love that brings optimism. As a helper in relieving depression and sadness, revive the love of an old married couple and help gain new friends for being lonely.

    Healing Aquamarine Stone Meaning
    Aquamarine has healing properties For those with problems in health, Aquamarine can drive growth and hormone balance by harmonizing the functions of the thyroid gland. Improve the ability of eyes vision, ease the chaos on the immune system, and effectively cope with allergies, especially allergies on dry grass and dust.


    The best use for AquamarineAquamarine Stones stones is to meditate with them, and it is also excellent way to relax yourself.

    As you go deeper into the relaxed meditative state… keep in mind the qualities that you would like to integrate… that this stones energy may accentuate.

    If there is a specific attribute of these crystals that you know you need… keep this in your mind as you go deeper into relaxed inner awareness.

    This applies to using any stone used for meditation. To get maximum benefit from this stones unique vibration… hold one of the Aquamarine stones in your hand.

    Having one of these crystals somewhere within your energy field or aura is valuable, and keeping them close to your higher heart chakra and the throat chakra is helpful.

    See yourself standing before a pool of clear aquamarine water.

    Allow any of the negative emotions that you know that you have been feeling… and that are now being brought into your mind for clearing, to release into the water.

    As they float away… you feel the water purifying you… as you allow yourself to let go of any disharmonies that you have been experiencing. This is an excellent way to aid stress and anxiety, and will also help your health to improve overall.

    These stones supply useful help to relieve stress as they will also aid you to reduce the tension around an issue. They will encourage you to embrace change… as well as granting you the courage to go on.

    Use It To Aid Emotional Healing

    The Aquamarine, Morganite And Blue TopazAquamarine Pendant in the photo on the right, is a beautiful piece of jewelry, that is a pleasure to wear.

    You can see that they make beautiful jewelry… but if you are unable to obtain some, use a piece of Aquamarine stone. Either a rough crystal or a tumbled piece, will have the same vibration for healing.

    Jewelry is an easy way to keep it on your body, but another method is to put them in a small cloth bag in your pocket.

    Many women tuck one or more smaller stones into their bra… so that they have them close to the right area. At night you may also like to put one under your pillow, so that it will aid you while you sleep.

    Whatever your choice is, the main thing is to keep it within your aura for as long as possible during the day… especially if you are working on integrating its specific healing qualities.

    When you consider its name… you are aware that it has a lot of the water element vibration within it… so it will assist you to better handle your emotions. These stones are powerful to assist those who are going through the process of grief and loss.

    Often grief is accompanied by anger, and the feeling of “why me.” Aquamarine stones are a powerful aid at these times… to use for self healing. The vibration of Aquamarine gemstones will calm your grief, and dilute your feelings of anger.