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We have MOVED

Our new address is now 495 D Madison St. ( rear entrance )
Click on the address to see the map.

We reopened on April 1st. (no joke)

We are directly behind the Hockey Life store on St. James.
Why ???   Well after you first visit to the new store, you will see why.
There is no good parking on the front street.
But where OUR entrance is, on the BACK STREET, the parking is great.

That was a big factor in why we chose this space.
Because parking for YOU is a major concern.

There are several ways INTO the back street.
And tons of parking.

Do you want to know the backstory??

Here is the short version.
If you need some help getting to sleep…
Here is the long version.

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Some student work from the Basket Weave workshop today! #pocoinspired #inspired #workshop https://www.instagram.com/p/BIQcEHoB-MT/

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My favorite thing about Sundays is hearing a full workshop of people creating and laughing together #pocoinspired #inspired #workshop #sunday https://www.instagram.com/p/BIQVWLnBkJG/

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There is still some room in Jaden’s “Endless summer” pendant workshop tonight! Beginner friendly and tons of fun! #purplesagejasper #vintage #inspire #pococlasses #pocoinspired #metalwork https://www.instagram.com/p/BILAQ-SBWt6/

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Amazing student work in our copper flame painting workshop this morning #nofilter #copperisbeutiful #flamepainting #inspired #studentswork #metals #winnipegbeadstore https://www.instagram.com/p/BH-VQ8YhhzB/

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Don’t leave Mr. Grumbly pants wainting in the car.. The husbands lounge is really starting to cone together with a retro 60s 70s feel. #pocoinspired #localbeadshop #beadshopping https://www.instagram.com/p/BH-AKjPheZr/

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As promised the glass rings are in! We can’t wait to start using these in our #chainmaille projects! #pocoinspired #inspired #winnipegmaker #glassrings #chainmaille #beadstore https://www.instagram.com/p/BH0O_Csgf_U/

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20% off seed beads – July 9 – 17 – Yea!!!

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Is Mr. Grumbly pants getting impatient while you check out our vast selection? No Problem. Our medieval torture device will keep him occupied for an hour or two. We can even close the doors so you can’t hear the cries. : ) Just kidding (hhhmmm) it’s just our funky new – antique – one of a kind – custom made by Viking descendants, work bench. Complete with stretchers, crushers, and vampire stakes. And that handy built in trough in case some body parts pop off :)

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Loving this project from the new #beadandbutton! Also the colours I picked out have me dreaming of beading on the beach #pocoinspired #inspired #seedbeading #beadweaving #seedbeadclub #colorinspo https://www.instagram.com/p/BHXWuAJBw-s/

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This is my beadmat today.. What does yours look like? #pocoinspired #localwinnipeg #localbeadshop #canadaday #canadadayactivities #beadwork http://ift.tt/298OVGk

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